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Brian D Mercer



CLARITIN: The success of the first DTC campaign, "Claritin Blue Skies" led to the creation of a multi-billion dollar category of advertising.


Overseeing all aspects of the creative for Claritin - from creating the Brands "Blue Sky" identity,  strategic direction, working with DDMAC, developing all creative; TV, Print, Radio, Online, PRM - right down to designing and getting FAA certification for the Claritin hot air balloon.


AVANDIA: Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions. Reaching out to people with diabetes and speaking to them as real people not a disease was the key to the success of the "I Am Stronger than Diabetes" campaign.



LEVITRA: Impotence became ED and ED became big business. While Viagra was all about a problem old men had a new brand came to market and changed the dialogue. Levitra was about great sex. The Levitra Stay in the Game ad was the first and only DTC ad ever to reach number one on "Ad Age's" most liked/most recalled ads of the week for all categories of advertising.




NUVARING: A brand with a distinct advantage versus it's competitor - once-a-month birth control.

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